Friday, October 28, 2016

A Delicious Sushi Experience at Yoshi in Gardens Dbayeh

We have significantly reduced our sushi dinners due to the unreasonable high prices and the very low quality of fish being used. Last week, we got to try the new branch of Yoshi in Gardens in Dbayeh after their previous one in Ain Saade. We were very impressed with the charming decoration though the music being played was not well blended with the concept. The menu is very simple with an ipad that shows you the pictures to make it easier for the client to know what to order.
We tried some of our classic makis and we also went for some unique items that Yoshi is famous for. 
From the appetizers:
•The Green Tea Noodles with Snow Crab was very special thanks to its green tea flavored noodles but we would have preferred if it was prepared with regular crazy crab as the fresh crab being used was a bit strange for us. The manager informed us that they will add the option to choose between the fresh crab or the regular one. 
•The Spicy Salmon and Avocado was pure orgasmic as it contained salmon and avocado with a wasabi based sauce which made it different from other places. We can’t wait to have it again.
•The Shrimp Balls were so delicious! They consisted of marinated deep fried shrimp balls served on a fried rice bread with a special dip. We loved covering each ball with the rice bread and dipping it in the sauce.

From the makis section our favorites were the Philly Salmon and the Kokonattsu. 
•The Philly Salmon were flavorful and fulfilling. 
•We were astonished that the coconut powder added to the coating of the normal salmon avocado roll gave a unique taste. It turned out to be excellent!
For dessert we had the Fried Bananas and the Chocolate Fondant. 
•The fried banana were impressive as they were fired with a layer of sugar that became a yummy caramel coating.
•The Fondant was more of a very moist chocolate cake but we enjoyed it.
We are glad we finally got to try Yoshi  in Gardens Dbayeh as it provided us with fresh food and delicious combinations for a very reasonable price.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Tartina Di Mare an Italian Seafood Resto in Jounieh

Tartina Di Mare is a new seafood resto snack in Jounieh that has been doing a lot because of its exciting new concept and exotic fresh food that they offer. We were lucky to have a chat with the owners as we tried some of their specialties.
•We started with the Crab Salad that had a very generous amount. It was fresh and tasty. The fact that they use crab on top and in the bottom made it very enjoyable as you can fee the crab till the last bite so you won't end up eating only lettuce. 
•The Salmon Pasta was very good since the salmon used were very fresh, the sauce was very creamy and full of flavors. 
•The Salmon Pizza was delicious thanks to the typical Italian dough, the generous amount of salmon and the fresh marinated rocket leaves on top
We ended our dinner with the Caramel Cheesecake and the Pistachio Rustica.
We were not familiar with the Pistachio dessert but we liked the Caramel Cheesecake.
We are glad that the guys behind Tartina Di Mare brought a new fresh concept to the market that is usually contributed with a specfic high end restaurants and made it affordable.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cucina an Overrated Italian Experience in Downtown Beirut

There has been a Restaurant Boom in our country for the past years and people are finding it a bit challagining to keep up with the newly opened projects and diners every now and then. Cucina an upscale Italian restaurant in downtown beirut facing Metropole opened two years ago and we finally got to try it to see if it presented anything new to the Lebanese food market. The menu includes typical dishes such as pastas, gnocchi, risottos, salads, and pizzas. We sticked to the regular Four Cheese pizza, the Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina and the famous Pain Perdu.
•The Four Cheese Pizza was nothing special: a pizza dough topped with 4 cheeses. The dough was good and the cheeses flavor was present but it definitely needed sauce as it was dry. 
•The Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina was tasty and flavorful but the gnocchi were over cooked. 
•The Pain Perdu consisted of a generous portion of bread loaf served with caramlized apples, ice cream and caramel sauce. We were extremely excited to try it after Haifa Wehbe's Instagram post, so we couldn't wait to finish taking pictures and have the first bite. We were surprised! The bread was burnt on the edges even the caramel had a burnt taste. We only ate 2 bites! It was so overrated.
We were not impressed with Cucina, if it wasn't for the beautiful terrace and the cool ambiance of the exterior our experience would have been worse.

Rating: 6.5/10
Average Price: 25$
Location: Caragoula Street, Minet El Hosn, Beirut
Phone: 01-98494

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Film Ameriki Tawil Ziad Rahbani’s Second Play-Turned-Film

Beirut-based video streaming platform M (, along with its sister company
Mercury Content, has announced the next original Ziad Rahbani play to be released as a film: Film
Ameriki Tawil.
As part of a collaboration between M (, Mercury Content and the artist, the 1980 play was
turned into a film following the cleaning up and selection of original footage from several
performances, which Ziad’s sister, the late Layal Rahbani, had filmed using a “Super 8” camera. The
rushes spent two years abroad for intensive restoration by specialists, before returning to Beirut for
the remaining editing efforts. The cleanup process proved to be delicate, since the 36-year old
footage was initially an internal tool to help the crew during rehearsals. The result is a 100-minute
film with archival properties, which assures to stir Lebanon’s collective memory.
In this respect, Film Ameriki Tawil includes some minor glitches, but it is a major improvement in
picture and sound – now with the 5.1 enhanced surround sound.
The play is about seven mentally ill patients and two drug addicts in a psychiatric hospital in West
Beirut during the civil war. Even amid their hysteria and unrest, the patients’ farcical statements seem
to make more sense than those of the medical staff. And still, they undergo various treatments
meant to drug or brainwash them into compliance with the status quo.
Film Ameriki Tawil is one of Ziad’s most acclaimed and astute works, winning over Lebanese listeners from all sorts of backgrounds, sects, and ideologies. Every character represents a different mindset stemming from the civil war, and as the story unfolds, the public is invited to question the social norms and general feelings that were established at that time – and that live on to this day.
The project is particularly exciting for M (, as it will be another breakthrough in its online
compilation of films, plays and documentaries, Effectively, it fits the company’s efforts in curating
and producing relevant alternative content from or about Lebanon and the Middle East.
In later stages, Film Ameriki Tawil, along with Bennesbeh Labokra, Chou? and all upcoming original
productions, will be available to watch for subscribers on:
Film Ameriki Tawil Official Trailer:
In Cinemas October 20, 2016.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Em Sherif Café​ in Downtown Beirut the New Baby for Em Sherif

For centuries Lebanese restaurants have been sticking to the same norms when opening a restaurant. Mirielle Hayek decided to think outside the box when she opened her Lebanese Gatsby style fine dining restaurant. 5 years later Em Sherif became a landmark in the authentic oriental cuisine worldwide and a must visit restaurant to every tourist. The glorious age continued with Em Sherif Café that opened recently in Downtown Beirut next to Metropole introducing a new era to the Lebanese market where you can enjoy a la carte delicacies and sumptuous bites in a chic atmosphere whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 
•We started with the one of a kind Shanklish Salad including shanklish, chooped onions and tomatoes and fresh herbs. What makes it very special are the fried shanklish balls that topped the salad and had a great taste. 
•From the hot mezze we had Batata Harra and Falafel. We loved them as they were flavorful and not oily. 
•From the oven we had the Meat Pie or lahm baajin. 
•From the main platters we had the Shawarma and the Chicken Wrap or Musakhan. 
-The Shawarma was phenomenal! It consisted of 4 wraps filled with succulent shawarma slices, parsley, pickles and onions. The meat was perfectly cooked and spiced. 
-The Mousakhan Djej was a great choice too. It consisted of marinated chicken slices in tannour bread with summak and a cucumber yoghurt dip. 
Hot bread is always served during the dinner with a complimentary platter of vegetables and olives.
For dessert we had the Cotton Candy with Ice Cream and we are still craving it since then. The portion was very generous especially with the cotton candy and it was topped with vanilla meringue. 
We were lucky during our visit to finally meet Em Sherif as we were very curious to know the mind behind all of this and we were surprised that she turned out to be a very warm and uplifting person. Our Experiences at the Em Sherif family are always memorable as they always strive to serve the best of the best whether in the service, the food, the ambiance and most importantly the positive atmosphere.
Location: Caragoula Street, Minel El Hosn, Beirut, Lebanon
Reservation is a must on: 78 988989

Price Range: 35$ per person