Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Relaxing Staycation in Gefinor Rotana Hotels Lebanon

Routine is one of the most annoying things that we get to deal with in our daily lives and especially in our country due to the limited activities we can do. We recently decided to do something new and exciting by having a staycation in Gefinor Rotana Hotel.
The greatest thing about this hotel is its location; a 3 minutes walk from the vibrant Hamra with its numerous restaurants, pubs and shopping outlets and a few blocks away from Beirut Souks; another amazing venue with cinemas, restaurants and shopping stores.
Gefinor Rotana can satisfy everybody as there is a room for each guest's need whether you want to stay with your family in a relaxing suite or have a romantic stay with your partner in a modern room with a beautiful view or just enjoy a relaxing king size bed. Gefinor Rotana also provides several activities for their guests from an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center and a sauna.
We were lucky during our stay because it was a Thursday and every Thursday Fisherman's Catch Night takes place at Gefinor Rotana Hotel. The exquisite seafood buffet includes a wide variety of international salads, main dishes, plus a wide selection of fresh fish, shrimps and lobster.
•The salads were very varied and consisted of many crab salads, octopus salad, many shrimp salads and 3 types of marinated salmon. The ingredients were very fresh especially the seafood! When it comes to quality, Gefinor Rotana Hotel is a master.

•The main platters included fried fish, lobster, jumbo shrimps, shrimp fajita, mixed seafood and many other hot dishes. Even before eating, the smell will make you drool.
•The dessert section is another world on its own because there was more than 20 types of cakes, tarts and other sweet creations without mentioning the oriental sweets. 

As we always state, Gefinor Rotana Hotel is known for using the best quality in food which makes their buffets excellent.
In order to sleep "guilt-free" we surely had to make a small visit to the gym where we burned not more than 10% of the calories we consumed. We were then able to enjoy a hot shower before heading to the comfortable wide bed dreaming about the breakfast.
The next morning we were very excited to wake up knowing that the pool and a royal breakfast were waiting for us and especially that we had a deep night sleep on the comfortable mattress.
At 7:00 we dived into the refreshing water overlooking the skyline of Beirut where 2 entities were highlighted: in the first plan, an old houses sector with lots of trees and in the background stood the modern skyscrapers.
After the refreshing morning swim we took a quick shower before heading to where resided our happiness: the breakfast buffet. It included lots of cheeses from all around the world, charcuterie, fresh fruits, fruit salads, yoghurts, viennoiseries, pastries, omelette and hot dishes.
We tried to eat as much as we could so we can start our day with lots of energy and positive vibes.
After the breakfast we headed up to our room broken hearted to know that our staycation is about to end but overwhelmed with the generosity and exceptional hospitality of Gefinor Rotana Hotel where memories were made.
Our stay at Gefinor Rotana was good enough to kill all the stress and fuel us with positivity though we remained in our city. Whether you are coming from abroad or want a quick getaway Gefinor Rotana Hotel will definitely give you memorable experience.

Address: Clemenceau Street, Beirut
Phone: 01 371 888

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sud Restaurant New Branch in Dbayeh

There is no place for boredom in Lebanon as there are always new restaurants and exciting new pubs to try. Sud opened its second branch in Dbayeh a few weeks ago, facing Spinneys parking after making a lot of buzz in Mar Mikhael. The place is very cozy with a relaxing interior and a spacious garden area.
We started with the Salmon Tartare. It was beautifully presented with avocado paste and 2 bread sticks. The salmon were very fresh but we would have preferred of there was more lemon sauce.
From the tapas section we had the Shrimps with Chorizo. The shrimps were cooked to perfection and the marination was very delicious.

As goat cheese lovers, we had the Goat Cheese Croquettes. They are the same as the cheese balls but filled with goat cheese. They were very crispy and not oily. They were served with tomato balsamic dip but a jam dip would have been a better match.
For mains we had the Angus Beef Burger. It was a great choice thanks to the succulent patty that was still juicy although we asked for it to be well cooked. The bread was very fluffy and the aged cheddar cheese added a lot of taste to the burger. It was served with a French fries basket that were very crunchy.
For desserts we had the Intense Chocolate Mousse and the Rose Mille-Feuille. 
The mousse is definitely a dessert to share because it is prepared with dark chocolate and cream which made it divinely rich. 
The mille-feuille was phenomenal as the puff pastry layers were very crispy and the filling was very creamy with a mild rose flavor. It was topped with whipped cream and served with a strawberry soup. We loved it.

We love how detailed the food at Sud is and the great quality of ingredients they use.

Location: Facing Spinney's Parking, Dbayeh, Lebanon
Phone: +961 81 666481
Average Price: 30$ per person

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Memorable Organic Day at Tawlet Biomass in Jrebta

Eating is one of the best pleasures in life and sometimes it can lead to one of the worst nightmares if we don't eat smart and in a balanced way. Weekend food outings can get sometimes out of control but it's not the case thanks to Tawlet, an amazing initiative that started in 2004 to support farmers and promote and preserve culinary traditions, rural heritage and the natural environment. 
We visited Tawlet Biomass weekend in Batroun Jrabta to try their organic home cooked dishes in a relaxed farm life atmosphere. 
The adventure starts at 11 am with a fulfilling breakfast of saj, omlette, eggs and refreshing drinks. A farm tour is also included to experience the plantation, the hens and take lots of pictures in the magnificent environment. The lunch buffet follows with over 22 dishes at 1:00 pm for 44$ per adult and 22$ per kid including drinks.

Our journey initiated with the breakfast buffet including delicious Mana2eesh Saj zaatar and keshek, a one of a kind omelette filled with goat labneh and eggs with semmak in a fokhara. We loved the authenticity of this typical Lebanese breakfast.

After the fulfilling breakfast we went to tour the domain and see the organic plantations, the cute hens, the nurseries and we finally stopped at the shop where were displayed some of the freshly picked organic fruits and vegetables, organic honey and many other things.

We were then offered organic chips and termos to rejoice in the beautiful green ambiance with some refreshing drinks. We loved the wine infused with sharab el tout.
Then came the Lunch buffet with 2 sections: the cold mezza and salads section, and the hot dishes and mashewe section. 
•From the cold section we tried the fattoush, the raheb salad, the malfouf salad, the quinoa salad, the thyme salad and the hendbeh. You can already imagine how exceptional the salads were thanks to the organic ingredients used in their preparation and the balanced sauces. 

The hommos was perfectly creamy and we loved the khyar w lanan with bakle.
•The hot section included fwerigh, lahm baajin and mashewe (kabab, taouk, lahme and mkanek)
The lahm ajin were prepared with katayef dough which made them phenomenal. 

The mashewe were illegally yummy; the lahme was succulent and one of the best brochettes we have ever tried, the makanek were perfect, the taouk was dreamy especially that the garlic paste was also home made and finally the kafta was impressive.
After this royal feast, our sweet tooth needed the sweet part. The dessert buffet consisted of organic fruits, cake b debs, katayef b joz, brownies, creme caramel, riz b halib, baklawa, sfouf and maamoul b festok. 

The watermelon and melon felt as if they were sweetened with sugar and they were divine. It's the first time that we prefer fruits over desserts knowing that the brownies, riz b halib, sfouf and maamoul were marvelous.

If you are looking to marry mother nature, listen to its soul and rejoice with its gratuities at their purest forms, then you should head to Tawlet Biomass in Batroun Jrabta for a one of a kind experience.
Location: Jrebta - Batroun, Lebanon
Phone: 03 532 532
Price: 44$ per adult and 22$ per kid including drinks.

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