Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Friends Reunion at Shtrumpf in Le Mall Dbayeh

Friends reunions are always celebrated in our favorite restaurants where we shared great memories. Shtrumpf had the lion's share of our gatherings due to its good standards in food, great service and its salad bar that our fit friends love. We recently visited our favorite branch in Le Mall Dbayeh thanks to its location convince and parking facilities.
Their menu is varied and offers lots of items from appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, pastas main platters and desserts.
We started our feast with the Warm-Up Combo that was perfectly named. It merged all our favorite appetizers that we usually get confused which to choose from: Mozzarella sticks, calamari rings, chicken tenders, pizzetas and nachos.
•The Chicken Scaloppini was delicious. It is like the chicken escalope but it comes thinner and filled with cheese. The chicken was perfectly fried without being oily and it was juicy thanks to the yummy Swiss cheese in it. We were not fans of the fries as they needed to be crispier and less oily.

•The Mexican Pizza consisted of a Mexican spread and chicken slices marinated with spices and cheese on a thin pizza dough. The taste felt the same like a chicken quesadillas but the pizza dough made it lighter. If you are fans of Mexican and spicy food you should definitely try it.
•The Original Baby Pork Ribs is the newest addition to their menu. Our friends got to try it and praised its portion, deliciousness and presentation. It was served with addictive crispy wedged potatoes.
The perfect finish were the Caesar's Pie and the Fondue Au Chocolat.
•The Caesar's Pie was orgasmic! The waiter recommended it and it lived to the expectations that he promised. We loved it.
•The Fondue Au Chocolat was also amazing. The chocolate had a good quality and it came with 4 dippers: pineapple, mini-cakes, sablé and bananas.
We loved the cozy homey feeling at Shtrumpf and the good food that keeps us coming back for more.

Average price: 20$ per person.
Rating: 8/10
Location: Le Mall Dbayeh

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Year Resolutions Will Become True Thanks to Roadster All Fit New Menu

Many of us are denying our New Year Resolutions, that most of them were about losing weight and eating healthy. All of this will come to an end since Roadster just introduced an all new All-Fit menu. What differs this menu from the ones in other restaurants is that the items are fueled with vitamins, proteins and nutrients that will boost our body, help the ones who are on a mission to build those biceps they dreamed of, help lose weight or help stay vegetarian for a day especially that Lentil season is near.
The menu offers appetizers, salads, burgers, a sandwich, main platters and desserts.

•As they named it, our appetite booster were the Mushroom melt. They consisted of sautéed fresh mushroom with pesto spread and melted light Mozzarella on freshly baked toasted multi-cereal baguette. They were very delicious and you will never notice that it's a light item until you look at the number of calories. 
•From the Heart-Filling Salads we had the Super Quinoa. It contained a rich mix of quinoa, fresh baby spinach and roasted vegetables, topped with grilled chicken strips in a lemon oil dressing. It is the perfect choice for a full protein meal.
As mains we had the Oat-Crusted Chicken and the Ultimate Quinoa Burger.
•The Oat-Crusted Chicken platter was a great choice. The chicken breast was perfectly grilled and the oat seeds gave it a crispy taste. We advise you to take a spinach dip on the side because it was mouthwatering. It came with tagliatelle pasta and parmesan sprinkles, drizzled with a light herbed cream sauce and a touch of garlic that made us forget about the fries. 
•The Ultimate Quinoa burger was tasty. It contained a quinoa patty topped with grilled tomato and lettuce served with the special All-Fit spread, in a freshly baked multi-cereal bun. It is definitely not the ordinary burger but losing weight and staying fit will be easier with it.
It was the first time that we eat desserts without feeling guilty.
•O-My Chocolate consisted of a triple layered chocolate fudge cake powered with goji berries. It was so yummy knowing that it only has 495cal.
•The Homey Apple Tart was like the classic home-made apple tart. The crust and the filling were perfect and the cinnamon gave it a consistent taste. It only has 195cal. 
•The Brooklyn Carrot Cake consisted of the classic carrot cake with light cream cheese and walnut. It was simply extraordinary!
We were shocked because we realized the huge amount of calories we take every day so we loved this initiative from Roadster that will encourage us to stay on a healthy track especially that Summer season is near.
Who said healthy food can't be delicious?

Monday, January 25, 2016

The House of Burgers and Shawrama - B-Dooz

We always do our best to stay updated with the newest eateries in Beirut but we have failed lately when we didn't know about B-Dooz, a fast food joint that has already 4 branches in Hazmieh, Ashrafieh, Antelias and Mtayleb. 
B-Dooz means extraordinary and we were curious to see if their burgers and shawrma, that they are famous for, were up to the name. We visited its biggest branch in Hazmieh.
• The B-Doozer Chicken Burger was delicious. It contained very tender and tasty grilled chicken, breaded Mozzarella cheese, tomato, pickles and lettuce with aoili sauce in a fluffy bun.
It was served with fries and coleslaw. The fries were very good; not oily and crispy.

• We were fooled by the presentation of the Shawarma Bites and their taste especially that B-Dooz slogan is the House of Burgers and Shawarma. The Shawarma Bites platter consisted of 5 bites of beef shawarma and 5 bites of chicken. Both meat were not well marinated as they seemed like ordinary grilled chicken or beef. They were tasteless and they missed the traditional juiciness and spicy flavor of shawarma. They were served with hommos, garlik dip, tahini dip and fries. The hommos and the tahini needed more lemon and salt. Except the texture, they tasted the same.

We loved the amazing service from the waiters, they were friendly, polite and directly assisting customers However, we were not very impressed with the food B-Dooz as it has a very long mile to become extraordinary.
Average price: 14$ per person.
Location: Hazmieh Highway, Baabda

Alvin and the Chipmunks cooler than ever

Alvin and the Chipmunks are back and they are on a mission to stop a wedding proposal. 
Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Road Chip is the fourth installment in the American Comedy Family film series Alvin And The Chipmunks. 
The chipmunks heard that their "father" Dave Seville (Jason Lee) was about to propose to his girlfriend so they got worried that he will leave them once he is married. Their plan was to stop the proposal at any price. 

The movie is full of music hits performed by the Chipmunks and their cute voices that made us move and dance in our seats. The scenes were bright and had vivid colors which entertained our sights. The 3D realization of the Chipmunks was phenomenal and their interaction with the real actors was hilarious. 

It's a good movie for kids that adults can watch without being bored. We really enjoyed the movie; laughed hard at some times and got emotional at others. 

Genre: Animation, Kids & Family, Comedy
Directed By: Walt Becker
Written By: Justin Long, Adam Sztykiel, Randi Mayem Singer, Ross Bagdasarian Sr.
In cinemas: This Thursday
Run time: 1 hr. 26 min.
Rating: 3.5/5


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Gustav Pastries in Hamra, Beirut

 Last year we tried Gustav but we were not that impressed so we decided to visit it again. Gustav is not like the typical Lebanese pastry shops as they offer some desserts you wouldn't even think of such as tarte with pistachio, oreo strawberry cheesecake, eclair with mango so the choices are endless. We ended up choosing the Bahamas cake and truffle tarte.
The Bahamas cake is charged at the same price of La Goulee(6000 L.L) so we expected the same quality and freshness.  It turned out to be delicious but it would have been way more tasty if it had been fresh since it tasted that It was prepared 2 days.
The truffle tarte (5,500LBP) was a creative dessert! The crust was good but needed more butter, the chocolate truffles were good and the hazelnut cream was delicious. It was filled with chocolate cream but we wished it had more.
We were impressed again with Gustav desserts but we wish if the time they stay in the fridge decreases because if they were freshly prepared they would have been amazingly good.

Average Price per piece:6000 L.L
Location: Makdessi Street, Hamra