Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lunch at Oasis in Mar Charbel.

A day trip to Mar Charbel is always a good idea not only for mediation and prayer but also for the great weather and views. Our latest discovery was Oasis a quick food joint just next to the monastery that serves saj and Lebanese mezza.

• We tried their cheese saj which was good but needed more cheese highlighting that the cheese used was tasty.

• Their tabbouleh was very well prepared from fresh vegetables from their daily harvest. It's lemony so if you love lemon you will love it.
• The fries are more of the Lebanese style, thick and crispy. But they were a bit oily.

• The hommos was good served with fresh baked saj.

For dessert we tried their chocolate banana wrap which was pretty delicious. The dough was crisp and thin with melted chocolate and bananas. We loved it.

If you love saj like us and happen to be visiting Mar Charbel why not pay Oasis a visit.

Price Range:11$ per person
Rating: 7.5/10

Location:Mar Charbel

The Walk: Movie Review 2015

We really love true story movies because they talk about a real experience far from a fairy tale or a perfect relationship or some adventures in a haunted house or on another planet.

"The Walk" is the latest release of a true story based on movie. It tells the story of a young dreamer, Philippe Petit, who loves walking on wires not in a circus but in unpredictable and dangerous places.
The movie is kind of story telling where Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) starts relating the events that made him love wire walking and how he started as an amateur to become a professional whose dream is to pass the twin towers on a wire.

The early life of Petit in Paris was filmed in Black and white. The B&W accentuated the beauty and romanticism of Paris with some amazing shots. Then we get back to true colors where Petit informs us about the preparations before the walk. The last 30 minutes are the best with very sharp, scary and meticulously realized 3D effects.

The photography effects were impressive and we have to praise the acting skills and charisma of Gordon-Levitt.

Genre: Drama/ True Story
Directed By: Robert Zemeckis
Written By: Philippe Petit, Robert Zemeckis, Christopher Browne
In Theaters: Sep 30, 2015

Runtime: 2 hr. 3 min
Rating: 3/5

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GR1EmTKAWIw&html5=1

Monday, September 28, 2015

Delicious Sushi at Mon Maki a Moi new branch in Dbayeh.

Mon Maki A Moi est devenu Mon Restaurant Préféré A Moi. We are always on a hunt for new sushi places and our latest discovery was Mon Maki A Moi, a gem in Dbayeh, a few miles after Le Mall on the internal road. It is not new as it already had a branch in Jbeil but we never tried it and we regret it.
You will be mesmerized by the beauty of this restaurant. From the outside it looks like a peaceful old house but wait till you enter and discover the bright modern decor full of positive vibes and the live preparation of sushi. The exterior garden is another world on its own where you can also enjoy a relaxing meal.This was a great first impression.
Their menu has a huge variety of sushi with some signature rolls. This is a first thing that will make you wanna come back again and again. Plus a section for non-sushi lovers that includes chicken to satisfy everyone's taste.
• Like always, we started with the crazy salad. It was the best we had for a long time. The crab quality was supreme, it was not "mayonnaisie" and had premium quality basic ingredients. Our only remark is that portion of the salad should bigger or they should mango or avocado.
• Now for the sushi we had a bunch of ura makis with a variety of salmon and crab.
The first noticeable and extremely important thing is that the sushi had a thin layer of rice unlike many other restaurants. This is the reason why the pieces may look a bit small to some people. They don't overload them with RICE.
They use premium quality ingredients which made the sushi very fresh and delicious. You can feel whether you are eating salmon or crab.

Each order had a unique taste and they were all satisfying. We really loved them.

You should pay Mon Maki A Moi a visit when your craving for sushi strikes.

Average price: 30$ per person
Rating: 9/10
Location: Dbayeh after Le Mall
Phone Number: 04 444706

Delicious Pizzas at Don Baker Badaro, Beirut

Pizza is our favorite food and we don't mind eating it everyday due to the variety of ingredients it can contain. Our favorite ingredient is fresh cream but not every restaurant succeed in preparing such a pizza. 

Don Baker pizzas impressed us when we tried them at Badaro Street Festival so we were eager to pay him a visit in its restaurant especially that it serves a pizza with fresh cream.
We tried:

* La Forestière which contained tomato sauce, fresh cream, fresh mushrooms and cheese. The pizza was extremely creamy and cheesy noting that you can feel the taste of the cream which is becoming rare in some pizzerias. The dough was light and after each slice we wanted to eat another. We couldn't stop till the last bite. It was one of the best pizzas we ever had.
* Reina which is the basic pizza as it contained cheese, ham, fresh mushrooms, olives, tomato sauce and orgeno. We simply loved it.

Don Baker is more of a delivery/takeaway/ quick dine-in Pizzeria. They may not be the fanciest restaurant but they serve great pizzas for a very good price.
Price Range:15$
Location: Badaro main street just next to SGBL bank.
Phone Number:01 384304

Thursday, September 24, 2015

15 our Lucky Number thanks to Deek Duke.

15 will become our lucky number because Deek Duke introduced 15 new creations that were worth the wait. Yes, they were all delicious, but some were dearest to our hearts.
Let's start with the appetizers:

* The Creamy Artichoke-Spinach was succlent! It consisted of a creamy baked artichoke-spinach sauce topped with melted cheese and served with tortillas. It tasted just like lasagna, our favorite dish, as it was cheesy and creamy. We quote from their menu: "dip in and enjoy".

* We couldn't decide which wings sauce was better: the Spice It Up or the Sticky BBQ. The wings in both platters were so yummy! Very crispy and well cooked. If you prefer sweet taste, go for the Sticky BBQ wings and if you like spices, the Spice It Up are perfect. And if you are like us, always confused, order both of them.

* The Grilled Chicken Skewers were so mouthwatering! The title may not say it all as you will think these are the "boring" chicken skewers, but wait till you try the sauce and you will fall in love with this dish. The sauce is made of PEANUT BUTTER! You now know what we are talking about.

* The Quinoa Booster was our favorite salad. It contained red and white quinoa, avocado, halloumi cheese, lettuce, spinash topped with sliced almond and dried cranberry with a raspberry dressing. The original ingredients made this salad full of taste yet light.

Beside wings, Deek Duke is also famous for its burgers. Who doesn't know the Press Burger?
From the 5 newly introduced goddesses we loved:
* The Chicken Hottie burger made of grilled chicken breast in a soft burger bun with grilled pepper, grilled onions, sliced Jalapeno, Cheddar cheese and chili sauce. The sauce was mildly spiced, the jalapeno gave the strong taste, the chicken breast was tender and the bun was very fresh.

* The Chicken Caesar Burger was sufficient to fulfill our desire of Parmesan as it had a strong taste of cheese with all the premium basic ingredients.

* The Cheese 'N' Chicken burger was our favorite the breaded chicken had the cheese inside which made it very juicy and yummy.
Now for the main dish, the Chicken Pesto Glory is the right platter for people who are on a diet and who are okay with cheating in the sauce as it was made of cream and pesto. The chicken were tender and grilled to perfection. You won't feel guilty having a light meal anymore. They took the healthy concept to the end by serving it with grilled vegetables and potatoes.
The new menu wouldn't have been complete without desserts. We adored the Cookie Blast that combined one vanilla and one chocolate ice cream cookie sandwich with chocolate and caramel syrup drizzled on top. It was ORGASMIC!

You can enjoy these delicious platters at one of the 4 branches of Deek Duke. Our favorite is Le Mall Dbayeh.

We are looking forward for more new divine additions because those ones were really worth the wait.