Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Truffle Burger Experience at Schwartz Paris

 If you are in Paris and want to eat burger Schwartz's Deli at Le Marais is one of Paris most famous gourmet burger joints but the food was not as good as its reputation. 

The burgers need more sauce and are expensive compared to other restaurants.

The truffle burger was the most interesting and the best one! 

The fries they offer with the burger are very delicious and crispy. 

Average price:22€ per person

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Competition for Ant-Man Merchandise.

It's Time For Giveaways!

We are giving away limited edition merchandise from the newly released movie Ant-Man. 
All you have to do is to answer the question on our Facebook page Popcorn961

We will be choosing 2 winners on Tuesday. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The real experience at le Relais de l'Entrecote Paris

I'm You can't have a Parisian experience without dining at the original French restaurant Le Relais de l'Entrecote. 
They only offer 1 plate which is entrecote steak served in their secret succulent sauce with crispy french fries, green salad and baguette. The meat is extremely tender and delicious with a big portion unlike the franchise in Lebanon. 

Boulevard de Montparnasse. 
Price: 26.5€ the plate 
Rating: 9/10

Pixels Movie Review

90s Classic Arcade Games Lovers, there are great news for you! Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Centripede, Space Invaders, Arkanoid and Tetris are back and this time on the big screen. But they are not coming for peace, they are sent by aliens to attack Earth.

Pixels is a science fiction action film with numerous funny scenes starring everyone's favorite Adam Sandler, the funny Peter Dinklage and America's Mall Cop Kevin James having all the same objective of defeating the video games Monsters.
All the classic arcade characters are now upgraded and you will enjoy them in  HD pixels.
The physical and special effects are amazing and you won't want to remove your eyes off the screen.

Pixels is very enjoyable and especially those who loved to play arcade games back in the days. Pixels should be on your movie list this week.

Run Time: 106 minutes


Friday, July 17, 2015

Delicious Food with a Mediterranean View at Amar.

On your way up to Harissa you will find many cafes and you will wish for a restaurant to have yummy food and enjoy the great scenery. Fortunately there is Amar that will make you unwind and enjoy what life has to offer. Try to reserve one of the tables overlooking the Jounieh coast as they are always full. 

Amar has many specialities to offer from it's delicious pesto hommos which also comes with meat and it's asfouriye bel debes served with delicious wedges. We love their fattoush! It's a must try since its sauce is so delicious. Not to forget the triangles with bulgarian cheese, the crispy kebbe me2liye and the rkakat sujok. In addition to their classic taouk, they have the taouk samak made of fish fillet cubes in taouk seasoning. It is so delicious.  

We can't but mention their original desserts especially the ghazal amar made of ghazl el banet with creamy vanilla ice cream. It was exceptional. And the equally delicious layali amar that consisted of "lebanese" doughnut with vanilla ice cream. The cinammon flavor gave it a great taste. 

You will have to visit Amar many times because every time the experience changes according to the food you order and the scenery.

To check the menu visit our previous review on:

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thai Food in Hamra.

Thai cuisine is founded on simple ingredients of excellent quality. Rice from the fields, aromatic herbs and spices and locally grown fruits and vegetables are just a few of the wonderful ingredients that are used to prepare delicious dishes. All these elements are found at Jaï the perfect place to enjoy a Thai meal in Beirut.

Located in Kantari, just next to Haïgazian University, we fell in love with the simplicity of the restaurant. They have only one table open to the kitchen where you can see live cooking preparation and smell the aroma of your food. You can also grab a table on the side walk and enjoy the cozy neighborhood.
We ordered the Banh me beef wrap, the Pad Thai main dish, and the General Tsao chicken.

• The tsao chicken was a mixture of fried chicken and vegetables. The sauce was sweet which gave it a special taste. It was very delicious.

• The Pad Thai was one of the best platters we tried at Jaï. It's made of rice with chicken and shrimps with an omelette on top. It's very spicy and yummy but non-spicy lovers you can still enjoy it since you can have it "unspiced".

• The wrap was very good, the meat was very tender and not chewy. The salad served next to it is extremely refreshing and tasty but this time it needed some sauce. So i entered the kitchen and asked for some more. This is what we like about Jai, the casual experience.

• Not to forget the free dessert they offer which is fried bread served with coconut sauce and sprinkled with sugar. It gives a happy ending to your experience

We always feel like home at Jaï and this makes us come more often. The staff are very nice and welcoming and they serve the best food. That's why they won the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for 2015. 
                                                                      Jaï closes on Sundays.
                                                                Average price: 17$ per person
                                                                           Rating: 8.5/10

                                                                        Tel: 01 341 940
                                                                  Mexico street, Kantari
                                                                       Beirut, Lebanon

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Happy Hour at Palmilla Uruguay Street

Palmilla in Uruguay street always impress us with their great food and good prices during happy hour. Happy Hours(5:00-8:00 pm) not only apply on drinks but also on their yummy appetizers and quesadillas only. 

You should definitely try their deep fried jalapeno if you love spicy food. It contains jalapeno and blue cheese coated in crispy bread. 

Not to forget their yummy fried wedges with very special seasoning and cheddar sauce. Their chicken quesadillas are a must as well.

A Mexican beer with quesadillas or many other yummy bites during happy hour(5:00-8:00 pm) will cost you 11$.

Uruguay Street
01 999798

Happy hours only on Quesadillas and Appetizers.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

We keep coming back for more Chopsticks?

17 years have gone by since the first Chopsticks Restaurant branch was opened in Sin el Fil. 17 years and it is still the best Chinese restaurant in Lebanon. With over 9 branches throughout Lebanon our favorite is Sin el Fil where it originated. Though we had a bad experience in our last delivery, this couldn't stop us from going again and discovering some new items. 

• The Ramadan combo was exceptional. It contained vegetable soup, vegetable spring rolls, fried shrimp, fried squid, fried fish and chicken blast. They should definitely add the chicken blast to the menu. All in all, the combo was so yummy and it was good deal.

• Shrimp lovers you will fall in love with the crispy shrimps. You can have them with orange or lemon sauce. We prefer the orange one and we advise you to take the sauce aside so you can enjoy the crispness of the shrimps. The quality of the shrimps was good and each bite fulfilled our cravings.

• Our traditional item is the chicken cashew nuts. We never visit chopsticks without eating it. We always have it without vegetables. The sauce was so thick and amazingly cooked. It had a generous amount of cashew nuts. This plate would never stop impressing us. 

• We wanted to try a new plate so we went for the szechuan chicken. It is made of chicken with red pepper, onions and red soy bean sauce. If you are a spicy lover you should try it! It's an explosion of flavors and spices. 

 As a side to the plates, we ordered one egg fried rice with corn. It was so tasty

What we love about chopsticks is its varied menu that makes you wanna come back again and again, and of course the good food. We hope they keep adding more innovative items.

Average price: 20$ per person. 
Rating: 8/10

Sin El Fil – Horsh Tabet 
Near Fattal Tel:01-510955

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