Wednesday, April 29, 2015

DIVVY, Everyone is talking about it.

If you still haven't visited Divvy then you really missing out. Its my forth time I visit this restaurant and every time I become more addicted to this amazing place! It has become a weekly stop for me to enjoy delicious plates. This time we decided to sit outside. It was a different experience. The location is very beautiful and zen with dim lights and vegetation! I really loved it. I already talked a lot about Divvy and its menu, you can check previous reviews. My target is to try all the menu so this time we ordered Thai crispy chicken salad, teriyaki meat skewers and nutella lava cake.
The salad was beyond perfect! A great combination of vegetables with premium quality chicken all in a sesame oil and lemon sauce. You can imagine what it's like. An explosion of taste! I loved this salad!
The teriyaki skewers were also YUMMY! The meat used is amazing not shewy at all, very well seasoned and had a great taste. Also the rice was very good. The plate was perfect.
Well let's pass to the best part, after eating these succulent platters the cake was ORGASMIC! The best Nutella fondant I have ever eaten! The cake is hot filled with melted nutella with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and more melted chocolate covering it all! I can't believe how delicious it was. It's a must try if you love nutella and the portion was great to be shared.
I expected my experience at Divvy to be great but it was greater. Thank you for offering food with great taste and great quality.
Average price: 20$/person
Rating: 9/10

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Spoonteller in Kaslik

the spoonteller, a hidden gem in Kaslik. This restaurant attracted me while passing next to espace empire cinema because of its simple beautiful decoration. The place is cozy full of positive vibes. The menu has meat, chicken, seafood and vegetarian specialities. You are welcomed with fresh hot bread just out from the oven accompanied with olive paste. It's yummy!
We ordered their speciality burger, gnocchi, pan fried potatoes and chocolate dome for dessert.
The burger had an excellent taste with just few ingredients mozarella, fresh mushroom and carmalized onions.
The gnocchi was also exquisite as it was surrounded with its creamy mushroom sauce and sprinkled with pine nuts.
The pan fried potato was "okay", nothing special.
The chocolate dome was below expectations due to its small portion and after eating these special meals I wanted to end the experience with something way better.
My overall experience was really great! The main plates were amazing. The only remark I give is that it needs more variety in the menu and the desserts need a make over.
Average price: 20$/person
Rating: 8/10

Monday, April 27, 2015

Since I am a ‪#‎SushiHolic‬, I am always on the run to find good sushi places in Beirut, and my last visit was to Také Badaro. Také is located just behind Badaro main street and it has another branch in Zagharta. The menu has appetizers, salads, and of course sushi, but It lacked some variety of Ura Maki and I wanted to see more choices with mango and avocado wraps. We started with a crazy crab salad, crispy crazy sushi, and a variety of Ura Maki with Salmon. I also wanted to try their "sushi cake".

The crazy salad was tasty and fresh but the portion should have been bigger as it only contains crab sticks and cucumbers so more of that wouldn't break the bank.

The Ura Maki had a lot of rice wrapped along with It which dominated the taste and I was not able to feel the yummy salmon as the quality being used was good.

The sushi Salmon cake or better named the rice cake has a thin layer Salmon and the rest was rice with no sauce. It was pointless and tasteless.

As for the dessert, they did not impress me as I couldnt handle any more rice and they were 360 degree wrapped with rice though it had a piece of banana in each and a piece of strawberry on top of it.

The prices are very good as you get 4 pieces for 5$ on an average but I wish they were 6$ with less rice.
Average Price: 18$/person
Rating: 7/10

Badaro: 01/390456
Zgharta: 06/662635 - 70/759797

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cavalli Caffe, dinner with the stars

Cavalli Caffé has been open in Beirut since 2 years and I finally got the chance to try it and have a say about it. The place is located in Down Town facing Zaitouna Bay near the Beirut Souks. The decoration of the place is beautiful and the sofas are too comfortable that you might just fall asleep. The menu is rich with different types of food, from salads to appetizers, pastas, pizzas, and of course main plates. 

We started our experience with the famous quinoa salad, then as a hot appetizer we ordered traditional eggplant parmigiana, and the main plates consisted of grilled salmon and entrecote steak. 

The quinoa salad was very delicious! The ingredients were well mixed together.
The eggplant parmigiana was also very tasty! Served hot and creamy, I really loved it.
As for the main plates we didn't like both of them. The entrecote was so chewy and greasy but the risotto served with it was very yummy.
The salmon lacked taste. I would have preferred if it was seasoned with some spices before grilling.
For dessert we tried their macarons, they were delicious. Each one has a unique taste and is filled with either ice cream or jam or cream.
Before visiting Cavalli Café I thought it was one of those so expensive places but it was not as most items range is between 22,000 and 30,000 L.L. I should say that it is not the perfect place to have lunch or dinner but instead it's great to grab a bite and gather with friends for a coffee, or a cocktail. One more thing Roberto please focus more on desining dresses and let the chefs take over the food.
Average price: 30$
Rating: 6.5/10
01 999 334

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

American Food at Sandwiched

For all American Food Lovers there is a place for you called Sandwiched. It's not my first time I go there as I have been to both branches Antelias and Jounieh. Sandwiched offers a big variety of salads, rolls, toasts, burgers, pizzas... you name it. This time I went to its Jounieh branch and tried several items: blues'n greens salad, skin-on-dippers, crispy Thai chicken roll and chicken Alfredo toast.

The salad was good but I have liked to see more ingredients than the iceberg.
The fries were delicious, the Chicken Alfredo toast was too greasy and heavy especially that the toast bread was fried and the chicken was very chewy.
The crispy thai chicken has nothing to do with Thai food but it was not bad and the fries served with it were delicious.
In a summary Sandwiched is generous but the food is heavy so if you want to have lunch and dinner at the same and save money then it will be a catch for you.
Average price: 12$/person
Rating: 6.5/10